Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Challenges & Resolution

1.      Problem: Replication enabled on both MAPI and Replication networks.
Resolution: This reduces the performance exponentially, replication should be enabled on isolated replication networks only, and it must be disabled on MAPI networks.
2.      Problem: Server IP allocated to client machines through DHCP having DNS entry.
Resolution: Data center and client machines networks should be separate networks (VLANs), it can lead to disaster as replication stops and services availability can be affected severely.
3.      Problem: OWA works but Outlook unable to connect when Exchange Node1 is down.
Resolution: CAS Array doesn’t exist and users are mapped with only one server, there should be separate arrays for PR and DR sites, pointing to all databases and mapped for user access.
4.      Problem: Cluster switchover result ownership error and fail to move.
Resolution: DAG IP is static and other node does not have right to modify the IP, remove the DNS entry and recreate with required rights or just enable it from the properties in advance options, restart the cluster server in case of site switchover.
5.      Problem: Newly setup Exchange 2010 unable to send emails to internet.
Resolution: verify send connector exist, firewall or smart host may be rejecting the emails with NDR, open firewall port 25 for mail relay on smart host.
6.      Problem: If Exch-Node1 is down, Node2 unable to receive emails from any domain.
Resolution: define a receive connector on coexisting exchange 2003 to relay emails to all exchange 2010 nodes, newly setup exchange has default connector for one node only, if node2 is unable to send emails then create a send connector on exchange 2010 for email relay.
7.      Problem: OWA users unable to reply and forward archived emails, cannot store items in archive and not able to restore from archive.
Resolution: OWA is not configured for Enterprise Vault, IIS virtual directory EVAnon does not exist; only extensions are installed on CAS servers, follow Symantec wizard for OWA configuration step by step online.
cscript owauser.wsf /domain:menacorp /user:saSEVOWA /password:abc
8.      Problem: Cannot see enterprise vault icons in OWA lite version.
Resolution: Configure OWA Application Pool in IIS manager console EnterpriseVault_EnableExtensionsInOwaAuthClient=true reset IIS.
9.      Problem: EVORT tool is unable to detect exchange environment on EV server.
Resolution: Install IIS 6 WMI compatibility Role Services on exchange server, rerun EVORT.
10.  Problem: Unable to archive when Exchange Node2 is active.
Resolution: add new exchange server to targets in EV and run mailbox sync.