Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bulk users attributes update in active directory

Import-Module activedirectory
Import-Csv C:\usrs.csv | ForEach-Object {Set-ADUser -Identity $_.samAccountName -Replace @{Mobile=$_.MobilePhone}}

create usrs.csv with required contents as below and save in C:\

See all user attributes with below command . (some of which can be included for update. put ";" at the end of above command)
Get-ADUser asif.gohar -Properties *

Example. 2:
Import-Csv C:\usrs.csv | ForEach-Object {
  Set-ADUser -Identity $_.samAccountName -Replace @{

Other attributes:

Create UsersAll.csv as below and save on E:\ or other drive.


Import-Csv E:\UsersAll.csv | ForEach-Object {Set-ADUser -Identity $_.samAccountName -title $_.title -department $_.department -office $_.office}


Update Manager

Import-Csv E:\Managers.csv | ForEach-Object {Set-ADUser -Identity $_.samAccountName -Manager $_.Manager}